Who are we?

Born in Colombia in 2017 with only $70 in savings, I begged the manufacturer to take my request to create a small number of models and try to sell them on Instagram. Unfortunately, they didn't have the success I expected and I put this dream in hold.

I decided to establish THIS SIDE UP two years later with the specific goal of manufacturing functional, appealing, and minimalist backpacks after a little bit more of research, resources and knowledges.

However, even though we were doing well, the COVID-19 pandemic came, changing all of our plans. As a result I made the decision to leave everything behind and start again in the Netherlands. After nearly 3 years in the country. I've made the decision to relaunch my brand with 6 models tailored for the specifics needs for every city nomad.

Knowledge comes from failure; nothing comes exclusively from success..

Join us in this new adventure and experience the lifestyle of THIS SIDE UP. 

  • 2017

    First Backpack ever made

  • 2019

    First Backpack from THIS SIDE UP.

  • Present

    Our lastest edition

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